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Photoshop for Photographers

A 10 hours online Course

Offer Price: 2999/- for 2 years


A high value for money course for all photographers

Photoshop for Photographers

A complete learning course from beginners to advance

Video Editing



Photo processing



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This course teach you the fundamentals of processing, so you can use any applications

Easy to Understand

The course is designed to keep in mind from basic to advance level

Well Designed

Course is divided into 35+ chapters to understand step by step. This is well design

What you will learn

✔    Basics of post-processing
✔   Pixel, PPI, DPI
✔   Histogram and its use in Processing
✔   Color space
✔   How to install Photoshop, Photoshop Layout
✔   Tips for Post-Processing
✔   File Formats
✔   Adobe Camera Raw
✔   How to Open File
✔   How to Setup Ps for Photography
✔   Sliders of ACR
✔   Layout and Workflow in ACR
✔   Basic Image Processing in Adobe Camera Raw
✔   Masking/Selection in Adobe Camera Raw
✔   Cropping, straightening, Healing Cloning
✔   Panorama, Sync, and Exposure blending in Adobe Camera Raw 
✔   Saving images in Adobe Camera Raw
✔   Two examples of Complete Workflow in Adobe Camera Raw
✔   Photoshop- Transition from Adobe Camera Raw to Photoshop, Layout & Menus
✔   Photoshop- Layout & Menus
✔   Photoshop- How Brush works
✔   Photoshop- Layers and Layer Masking
✔   Photoshop- Blending Modes
✔   Photoshop- Selection Tools
✔   Photoshop- Filters
✔   Photoshop- Adjustment Layers
✔   Photoshop- Remove elements from image
✔   Photoshop- Typing Tools
✔   Photoshop- Sharpness and Noise Reduction
✔   Photoshop- Dodging and Burning
✔   Photoshop- Saving images for web
✔   Photoshop- Saving images for print
✔   Photoshop- Tricks for Correcting and Enhancing Image
✔   Photoshop- Action setup in Photoshop
✔   Photoshop- Workflow for Wildlife Images
✔   Photoshop- Workflow for Landscape Images
✔   Photoshop- Workflow for Portrait Images-Frequency separation
✔   Photoshop- Workflow for Black & White
✔   Photoshop- Manipulation-Reflection, Drama, Mood, Add Elements

Meet your Mentor

Ashok Dewangan

Masterclass Mentor, DCP Expeditions

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I eagerly devote my time to traversing the captivating landscapes both within and beyond the city limits. These expeditions serve as a wellspring of inspiration, offering limitless opportunities for experimentation and discovery. It is during these moments that I embrace the challenges and joys of photography, constantly refining my skills and uncovering new techniques to enhance my visual storytelling. Utilizing industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, I have mastered the art of post-processing and have become adept at harnessing their full potential to elevate the impact of my photographs.

Sharing my knowledge and experiences is a source of great fulfillment for me. As an instructor and masterclass mentor at DCP Expeditions LLP, one of the most rapidly growing photography institutes in India, I have had the privilege of guiding aspiring photographers on their creative journey. Drawing upon my extensive 10+ years of experience in post-processing, I have meticulously crafted a course that aims to alleviate the struggles I personally encountered throughout my own development. My ultimate goal is to empower my students, enabling them to unleash their full creative potential and transcend the challenges of post-processing with Adobe Photoshop. By imparting the techniques and insights I have gathered over the years, I seek to equip my students with the tools necessary to showcase their finest artistic visions through the medium of photography.

Join me on this transformative educational journey and embark on a path toward unlocking your best creativity. Together, let us delve into the intricacies of post-processing with Adobe Photoshop, transcending limitations and capturing the imagination through awe-inspiring visuals.


Access for 2 years

Thank you very much for the wonderful session ! Hope to practice on the learning’s you shared with us today ! Very insightful


Thank you so much sir for arranging this session to help us with post processing. We'll practice the learnings and keep on bothering you for doubts


What a wonderful session Ashok sir, I am really impressed with your Photoshop skills. This course will surely add value


Thank you for a very enlightening session,Ashok Sir.


Thanks Ashok for the wonderful session . 
Dear All , nice connecting with you all .


This is an eye opening session Ashok sir. This will surely help


Thanks for an awesome session


Thank you DCP for organising such a winderful session. i really appreciate Ashok for his teaching skills


  • Can I join this course if I am new to Photoshop and don't have much experience with processing?
    The module has been designed to be suitable for both beginners and intermediate students, so do not worry about it
  • In the event that I am not able to learn from this course?
    There is no need to worry, you can watch n number of times and learn. Still if you have any difficulties, our mentor will resolve it.
  • Is there any bonus?
    In addition to the Mentor Notes, you will receive a processing workflow document (10 pages compiled), and he will also guide you on some tips he has about social media. . Few Presets and many more
  • WIll you help in installing Photoshop
    In this course there is a separate chapter on Photoshop installation
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