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#001 How to Sharpen Your Image in Photoshop

Updated: May 7, 2021

In Photoshop there are various ways of sharpening your image. This method is non destructive and you see seethe changes online. You may limit the sharpness based on requirement/s.

Before Sharpening

Step-1 Copy the layer (Clt+J) or (Cmd+J)

Drag the current layer to + icon or right click and copy the current layer

Step-2 Convert copy layer to Smart Object

FIlter>Convert to Smart Object

Step-4 Apply High Pass

FIlter>Other>High Pass

Step-5 Change the radius

Change the radius (Left to Right) to 'happy point' where you see start seeing edges.

Step-4 Change Blend Mode

Change Blending Mode to either: Overlay or Soft Light Hard Light or Vivid Light


Step-5 Change Sharpness Value

You may go to smart filter of layer double click and change value as per image size and requirement.


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