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#002 Best Save/Export Settings for Instagram 2021

Are you uploading high resolution image on Instagram? Instagram's can turn your beautiful images into dull, desaturated, pixelated.

Instagram is a mobile photography sharing platform. What I read is, their aim is to reduce the file size on their servers so that they can store more photos with less cost, and they've published an image reduction algorithm that prioritises smaller file size over end-user image quality.

In this blog I will tell you Photoshop settings which you can use to export your image and upload on Instagram without loss of image quality,

Our normal camera/DSLR and even many mobiles are having camera sensor ratio 3:2 or 4:3, however Instagram accepts different ratio, and believe me Instagram has totally old school ratio to a totally new ratio. Here in image below, I have listed the IG ratios. First we need to crop our image accordingly and then save.

Please follow steps below.

STEP-1: Crop the image with IG ratios

STEP-2: Export for Web File> Export>Save for Web

STEP-3: Save with settings below:


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